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I shouldnt have to login

Used to use the app all the time but stopped since we dont have a Target near us. I went into the app today to find out I HAVE to have an account? Come on. I dont want to have login to see things I could easily see on the normal website. If Im buying something thats one thing - looking around is another ?

Cant even access it!

When you try to open the app, they force you to create an account. So I did it! But when you enter your login info it redirects you to safari which makes you log in AGAIN and then it sends you back to the app and the loop continues for the rest of infinity. Cant even access any products. I dont understand why this app NEVER works. For the time being, this is useless and a waste of storage.


ive used this app forever w/o an account, and after one update i was forced into making an account. Its not that big of a deal but it was kind of annoying. I like how it tells what isles the items are on. Thats my main reason for using downloading this.

Wont let me log in!

So I got this app on my iPad awhile ago and had to delete due to storage problems. I get back in today and try to log in and it opens a pop up page to log in and it wont let me log in! Nothing pops up! PLEASE fix this!!!!!!!

Super upset and disappointed ?

Why are users being forced to create a Target account just to use the Target app? I am so upset about this, and I really REGRET updating the app in the first place. UGH. I used to use the app to check item availability and weekly deals and whatnot. Now Im completely locked out of the app until I surrender my personal information to create a Target account. Isnt logging into the app with my Facebook account enough? PLEASE Please please just allow users to login with their Facebook account or Google accounts again. It was so convenient and easy for me to do that. It saved me so much time and money. NOW I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHOP AT TARGET ANYMORE. TARGET I AM LIVID PLEASE GET RID OF THE REQUIRED LOGIN!!! ???

I dont want a freaking target account

Im tired of every shopping service I go to trying to sign me up for spam I dont want. I just want to scan things or see if you have an item in stock, thats it!! Sure its great that you can shop online but OMG what are stores for if you dont shop online??? Im deleting this app.


I purchased a comforter online and opted to pick it up in store. While waiting for the order to be for filled I decided to go look at the comfort in person in the store. I noticed that the online price is $20 cheaper than the store. Score. I decided to scan the barcode on my Target app to see what the price was in that. And the price was $50 cheaper than the store price. Took the comforter up to customer service to question the difference in the prices and they told me they could not give me that price. Even though it said it was $39.98 at Panama City. Horrible customer service.

Back to school shopping

Thank you for making back to school shopping easy.

Nope. Dont force me to log in.

You lost a regular user. Id look at the target app a few times a week to reference prices / availability. I guess Ill be looking on Amazon a lot more now.

Uninstalled because of required log in

As the title says, I uninstalled the app because of the required log in. I do not have an account with Target and I dont intend to create one. I have to say this is a disappointment. I have used the app before to purchase items for pick up. One such item was the New Nintendo 3DS. I specifically bought from Target because of the pick up option. However, now that I cant get into the app to purchase and pick up items, I will be making my purchases elsewhere using other apps that allow me to make a purchase and pick up.

Required account - NO

Was a good app to look up product availability and price. It led to many a purchase both online and in store. Not anymore. Bye Target. Guess Ill stick to Amazon and Wally World. Better home delivery options anyway. You lost me by trying to force me to allow you to track me. Make sense?

Profoundly Foolish Decision

Update 8/16/17: Well, it turns out the Walmart app (as does every other iOS app I use for local shopping) works just fine for searching in-store products and *without* any ridiculous requirement to create a user account and log in... Sadly, Im a lot more inclined to shop at that dump now instead of Target... plus its a little closer, anyway. ------------------------------ Target app now requires users to create and log in to an account just to use it for anything at all--such as to search ones local store for a product availability and location... even to just view store hours. I cant imagine this will lead to anything but a decrease in sales, if anything. Ill give it one more update (or two at most) to remove this foolish requirement before deleting the app and either trying a mobile browser, or simply heading about the same distance in the other direction that "other store" (gasp).

Mandatory sign up

Mandatory sign up to use the app, I dont think so. Your app is now off my phone.

Target is CRAZY!

Honestly? You have had two security breaches and you want me to create an account so I can browse your site via the app? I hope you have already fired the moron who decided that was a good idea. Guess what? Your app just got deleted. WalMart here I come!

Why do I have to login to use the app?

Why do I have to login to use the app? The website works just fine without signing in. Why cant the app?

PLEASE let me share!

How is there NO share button?! I love amazing things at Target, but I cant share - I have to screenshot and then my friends search to find things...highly inconvenient. Please fix SOON!

Forced Sign in

Just wanted to look at products before going to your store like the other store apps... but no ... have to create account. So I used a competitors app and went to there store. What are you thinking ? Sincerely, a loyal target shopper


Doesnt deserve one star. It isnt wise to fix what is not broken. I just want to see my weekly ads before going into the store.

Not working

Not able to purchase anything from app. It takes me to the internet to log in.

I should be a Team Member

I love our local target. I go multiple times a day. I know the names of the team members and I even find myself answering guests questions. (I should wear a red shirt) The manager is Erica and she leads with spirit!

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