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Great, But Can Use Some Improvements!

I love the Target app. It’s great, very organized, and visually pleasing (just like the actual Target stores). My favorite feature is being able to make a shopping list within the app. Not only does it tell you which aisle each item is located, but it also even gives a map of the store and places dots for each item for where they’re located! Having a section for “wallet” is a brilliant idea, because it organizes every payment option in one place and all your coupons and savings. There are a few suggestions I have for the app for a future release, which I think are practical and would make the app a much better experience: -When checking out and doing pick up in store, there’s no option to choose who will be doing the pickup. I have to wait for the email confirming my order, and then manually click the link to the website and change the pick up person from there. It would be nice if you could do that right from the app itself, especially if someone has somebody picking up their orders most of the time. -Live chat with customer service within the app. You can reach customer service via phone, but now with the internet, most companies have also built in a live chat system where you can reach customer service by typing/texting live. Target actually has this if you go to their website, but you cannot do it inside the app. The only thing you can do in the app is give app suggestions, but even that isn’t live and it takes a representative some time to get back to you. Amazon is a great example, they have live chat built right into the app. Sure, Amazon is a huge company and probably has a lot of resources to handle that many customers, but I’m hoping maybe in some future Target can implement it as well. It’s not only concurrent, but it also is useful for people who need help and aren’t at home but still want to contact customer service without having to talk to someone over the phone. Having options is nice. -Target has weekly ads that you can view right within the app. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an option to be given a notification every week that way you don’t forget? I put a reminder on my phone to check it every week, but I think it would also be convenient if you can just be reminded from the Target app once a week that the new weekly ad is available. -iPad support! I don’t know if this is a priority for Target, but having an iPad version of the app would be cool. Walmart and Amazon are two great examples that have both an iPhone and iPad version of the app. -Apparently you can only see orders you made in your order history if its a pickup order or an order you made online for delivery. I think it would be nice if you can also see orders you made in the store, that way all your Target orders, made in store or placed online, are in one location. -Option to go paperless? I notice that in store they still give paper receipts with every single order. I used to shop at Walmart, and they had e-receipts for all orders made in the store if you made it via Walmart Pay. As Target gives customers an incentive for bringing their own reusable bags instead of using plastic, doesn’t it make sense that they transition to e-receipts? Ideally, you would give the customer the choice to do paper and e-receipt or e-receipt only.

Best app ever

This app is designed with convenience in mind and for the most part it’s great. I love that I can do the self-check, scan my app to pay, and I’m good to go! The reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is because when I’m placing an order I hate that you have to take the time to check the box on each individual item and say whether you want to do pick up, drive up, or ship. I feel like you should be able too I check a box at the beginning of your order that states how you wish to get your items and be done with it. The only way you should have to make another selection should be the in the event that the item you selected for purchase is not available in that store. If target makes this one change to their app it would be absolutely perfect!

School shopping

The easiest way to shop for school supplies! I order on-line for store pick up! Love it!!! Stress free :))

Love it!

I keep trying new features and find I like it more a more. The grocery list is great, location and coupon info, nice. I also like the wallet, I just scan my phone, no need for credit cards.

Love it

Love it


The cartwheel part, ever since they moved it to the Target app, has never worked for me. Whether I’m connected to WiFi or using my data, when I click on cartwheel, the app just is blank and doesn’t load. It’s been like this for months. Have honestly stopped going to Target because I know I could save but I can’t.

The best store!

Always I can find everything I want and something else !!

Awesome store

I love the reliability of quality and ease of using Targets App. I am always so pleased for the most part with Target’s merchandise. I love the convenience of the new drive up service to pick up merchandise. Target is one of my favorite stores.

Wallet not loading on recent update

The wallet won’t load. Started after update from 8/17/18. The support page/contact us page doesn’t offer an area to send feedback on the app. No “other” area. Only specific things listed that have nothing to do with the app. I have coupons loaded on the app that I now cannot access.

I’m obsessed

Target is one of my favorite stores, I always have a good shopping experience whether it’s in store or online.

Update Ruined App

Worked perfectly fine before update. After the update when I try to place an order I keep getting an error message. I have to login online to place to place an order. Fix this please!!!

I’ve had to delete the app 2x

Reason why? It’s way too slow lately. I don’t know why but it takes FOREVER to load anything to search! 😩

Very convenient!

Love the fact that I can skip the store run and get everything I need shipped right to my door ! Especially with school supplies! I hate dealing with the crazy rush and crowds for school shopping. This is my first order so let’s hope everything gets shipped and on time . The only issue I have is that there is no size chart for the kids clothes , which stopped me from purchasing quite a few items . I hope Target will fix that issue ASAP.

Can’t even log in

I dl’d the app but every time I try to log in, I get an error saying “access denied”, “forbidden”. Love Target. Wish I could use the app.


Target’s app is super easy to use!!!

Shopping list

List is easy to use but the recently added map seems useless. A better option would be to allow the user to sort his list by aisle location. That would promote a more productive shopping experience.

Super Slow

With the most recent update app runs super slow. It’s very frustrating and makes me want to go elsewhere to shop and I love target.

Check out problem

Sometimes the site freezes during checkout.

Easy to use

This app is very simple and easy to use to the point where it’s not stressful to make any changes or purchases necessary

Target for the win

I love target! It has everything I need. Sometimes I do have issues with using coupons but that will never stop me from shopping here.

Love Target

Always reliable for me and my kiddos ❤️

Household needs

Quick and easy!

Want to see in-store pricing while shopping

Every time I scan an item in-store I always notice it is the online pricing. It’s so annoying because I want to see what the prices are in store - not guess that online was less for this item and more that item and trying to figure out costs. I find the app also stalls a lot in store and I am constantly relaunching it. I am a loyal Target customer for years but the app does drive me a little crazy. 😂

Awful app

You have to scan products to get coupons while you shop. Who has time for that? Then you have to scan your card again at checkout. Often times there’s two coupons—cartwheel, which is separate, then coupons which are manufacturer. Instead of just combining everything, it makes it again complicated. The app also gives three individual options—pickup, delivery and drive up. Instead of being able to select drive up for the entire order, I have to individually select this when I order each product, which means I often accidentally hit pickup and drive up in the same order. Frustrating does not begin to describe it.


Target supports body shaming. Delete.

Best shopping app for savings & convenience

So easy to shop, find sales, coupons, special deals for in store shopping with shopping list and aisle location or order & pickup at store, all from comfort of home & on the Target app

Easy to use and convenient!

My go to, for my hectic life and schedule!

Best Store Ever

Everything is easily accessible, convenient and organized. Never had a bad experience at Target.

Thanks Target

I was looking for a girls earring holder everything came up in the search but anything close to that


Needs a landscape mode

Very slow

Not very happy with the app. It never works and is always slow. Target is my goto store and I’m always trying to look something up trough the app and it never loads and tells me there is an error.

Nothing Works

It just keeps spinning when I try to search for an item or look at old orders. I don’t get it.


I love shopping on line ,really helpful this week i have been laid up wiith s broken foot And pulled tendon 4 weeks off work i am going crazy. Shopping on line is so wonderful i even got 5. gift cards i love the free shipping Only thing i don't like i cant order food on line or use cartwheel My daughters been going in store for me because i cant walk it is so great they can use my cartwheel also I love target and Cant wait to heal so i can shop in store Thank for the free delivery

Soooo slooooow

The app is soooo slooooow, especially when on wireless in the store.

Target App

What I have issue with is when I use the filter in the app I get mixed results. For instance, I ask for girls clothes and my search ends up with boys mixed in. Other apps I have had the same issue. I wish someone could fix where one doesn’t have to scroll through pages and pages to find what you are looking for. Sometimes I just get frustrated, don’t buy and close the account.


Online shopping with target has dramatically improved with this app. Job well done.

Target on line

Processing became easier after initial setup. I am also happy Target combined the shopping cart app w/ my Target app I always use.

Log-in issues...again

I generally love this app, and use it multiple times per week. Since the latest upgrade, however, it has once again required that I log in each time I use it despite having the stay logged in option checked. It was an issue last year that seemed to have been resolved. I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch!

Good stuff

Thank you for quick and speedy service of quality products

Great app but can’t connect in store

App is great but I can never connect to it in store. Even when connected to in store wifi. When that’s fixed I’ll use it!

Great deals - clunky back end.

Like the features and ability to save with deals. Dislike/please fix: gift cards, use lowest gift card value to highest. Once you scan Cartwheel, you can’t make any edits or add — must void entire transaction and restart. Also, could not use my gift card plus cartwheel scan w other gift cards on the same purchase. Please fix! Thanks.

Used to work great, but....

I used to use this app multiple times a week, but one day it just stopped working. Anytime I try to log in, it says, “access denied, forbidden.” This really puts a damper on all my shopping needs. I can’t even use cartwheel. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. I don’t understand what’s going on with it. Pretty bummed out.

Love the Target App

Super thorough and super user-friendly! Thanks Target and app designers!

Cartwheel and shop option

I have difficulty navigating between cartwheel and shop options and have to scan the same item twice. With 2 kids each time I look down at my phone is precious

Great shopping at Target

Love that shopping is so easy and free shipping too!

Go back to cartwheel app

I do enjoy the cartwheel and target main app are now together however I still do not like how cartwheel is set up. It is not user friendly and I just prefer the other set up.

Store pick up

Just simply the best way to shop! I order on my app and I received my email for pick up I LOVE TARGET

The best

The app, the store, the everything

Where are the updates we want??

I use the Target app weekly and as much as they have updated the app, it still is not as user-friendly as we want it. How come I can re-arrange my Target list items in the order I want? I like to shop for my grocery items from where they are located in the store from front to back. I also want you to bring back the sound the app made previously when I scan an item that has a discount or posts to my cartwheel - the old cartwheel app made sounds. Bring back the sounds of saving!

order from anywhere

always enjoy my target run, and while on vacation enjoy the convenience of ordering so we come home to a stocked house.

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