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Need App Available in Landscape Mode

App is really nice but needs to be available in Landscape mode for ease of shopping on an iPad

10/19 - LOVE the newest update.

The newest update works great, especially barcode scanning. Really impressed how easy it is to find discounts

It was so so.

I had placed an order for my son for a warm layer to wear underneath his soccer uniform because it is going to snow out. When I placed my order it said it was available in store I had grandma picking it up on her way out ( we live in a small town Target is a 45 minute drive) then after I placed my order and everything I happened to check my email to find out what I order now is not available grrrr so now I have to hurry up and place a new order.

Need ability to review products from the app

Please add ability to review products in the app

Gift cards

It was really difficult to try and add a gift card that I received for spending a certain amount of money.


Always enjoy shopping at Target whether it is in the store or on line.

Best in the west

Thank you Target.

Love Target App

Definitely love using the app! My new way of shopping online. So easy.


Cartwheel doesn’t link to cart at checkout. Spent 40 minutes online with customer service who couldn’t get it to work either.


So much easier to shop on my phone than using an internet browser.

Nothing will load!

This app is horrible. I used to love it because it told me what was in stock at the target near me & what aisle to find it in. But lately I can’t even use it because it won’t load anything!

The best for my buck!

I truly enjoy all the coupons, deals and best pricing! I get the Tone it up Protein ONLY at Target because it’s the best price— better than several giant online gurus! You all have the cutest holiday items; shoes and clothes— love the Cat & Jack brand for my boys!

Number one store

Target is always my number one store to shop at


I am a TargetHolic.....I love me some Target

Connection errors

It seems to be hit or miss in terms of this app's functioning. Currently, it keeps telling me that it cannot connect to the server. It will not let me add anything to my list or see my lists I have already made. I'm very disappointed because it has the potential to be really helpful if it would only consistently work! I’ve also been having a problem recently where it will not take off all of my cartwheel deals and I usually don’t notice until after I leave. Then I have to debate if it’s worth it to drive back and stand in line for $5. Just frustrating that it has been happening several times now.

So convenient!

I absolutely love Target as it is, but I love that I can shop from the comfort of my mobile phone since I’m always on the go!

Quit fixing what ain’t broke!!

Target, love your store, love your app but with this last update when shopping online & a product is out of stock at my store I am no longer able to see its availability at other stores. Please fix this!!!!!

Bugs galore

For a company as big as Target, I never would expect their app to have so many bugs so frequently. These bugs are usually online-shopping-prohibitive as far as severity goes. I hope they get their act together soon or I’m giving up.

Add Subscription Management to the App

I love the Target app, but you need to add an interface for managing Target Subscriptions. I shouldn’t need to use the Target website for this. Setting aside management of existing Target Subscriptions, I can’t even purchase an item via subscription in the app. Strangely, if I add a subscription to the cart via the website, I can complete the Subscription purchase in the Target app.

Nice apps should be like this

This app is easy and makes me want to shop! Love it!

Have to log back in constantly

Have to log in almost every time I open the app even though I have the box checked to keep me logged in. This had been better but the problem seems to be back with the update. This is extremely frustrating.

More info with less clicking. And accuracy please.

I can’t figure out which is more reliable (rather unreliable) the app or the desktop website. When searching a Top Deal (free $5 gift card when you spend $15 on skin care) I got 2125 items in the website but 1478 items in the app. Furthermore when I filtered the results by brand the numbers were still off with the app having six items less than the website. But when I narrow the search down to what was in stock at my store suddenly the app reveals four items that do not appear when the “in stock at…” button is not selected. To make matters even more confusing those four items we’re not available in the store but only available to ship. I was able to find that out only once I clicked on the individual item and saw under the heading “not available in stores”. It is very helpful to have stock status in the thumbnails. It is very frustrating and time-consuming to have to click on individual items when you were looking for nothing more than location availability. I also wish that the app had the ability to check availability at other stores from the thumbnails like the website does. These critiques are said to help Target make their app even better as I find they have one of the better organized and user friendly shopping apps out there. The photographs of the products are excellent. It would be top notch if you could increase the size of the picture or zoom in without having to go to the products detail page. I find I refer to the product photo to verify details about it because often the titles aren’t all that descriptive or even accurate.

Infant formula always out of stock

Either this location is facing a zombie apocalypse or whomever is managing product inventory is an idiot. There is never formula in stock.

Bring back ability to find where an item is available

The most recent update no longer allows a quick way to see a product’s availability across several stores at a glance - if I’m missing this please advise because I used it often. Instead of a quick tap on “find elsewhere” and seeing a list, I think I have to change my store, sequentially, to view multiple stores.


The shopping experience is ok. Both stars are for that. The cartwheel experience is miserable. It takes forever to go through all the coupons. I can’t add items to my list. I can only add the name of the coupon which truncates and doesn’t specify details of qualifying items. I have to scan every item in the store to see if it qualifies. Then there’s some weird disconnect between my list and my wallet. Can’t you just set reasonable prices instead of monkeying around with this crap. I want to buy laundry soap and garbage bags. I don’t want to spend half my life selecting offers in an app and scanning to see if I picked up the right item. This app must be for people who love having coupons but don’t really care about how much they pay. Seriously, this is why I shop other places.

Signing out

No matter how many times I click the keep me signed it the app keeps kicking me out and takes several tries before I can get back in again. As an avid cartwheel user it’s so much more difficult to use than the standalone app.


Worked great until last night! Ordered a pick up and now system is locked up! Everything else works fine on my cell. Weird. Cannot log in to the website or app from my phone.


I don’t have a Target store near me. The closest is 1 hr and a half away so I order online but new version of app won’t let me just order online. It’s useless to me. I have deleted it from my apps and have to use full site.

Drive up would not work.

I could get the drive up to work


Apple Pay would not work -had to enter card info

Curious about Red Card discount on app

I ordered a single item for $44.99 and it said that I received a 5% discount with my red card... Which should be $2.249. I only received $0.25.. Usually I love target, quality of items, response, timely delivery, etc. But if the calculation is incorrect for the red card that will add up over time.

My List is gone!

Every time I either update the app or reinstall in a different device, it erases my list! This happens even if im signed on. How am I supposed to remember all the items that were listed! I was at the store just yesterday and it caught me off guard. Im sure I left out a few things. I hope this gets fixed!!

Ease of use

Errors on filling cart today Wouldn’t let me change my pick up person. I will call the store. Hope they do not give him a hard time.

Not reliable

Sometime it works, sometimes not, sometimes it requires store WiFi to work which is not secure. Just give me back cartwheel and I will use the website to search items in stores.. Too many reports of “oops something happened please try again “

Target is becoming less impressive.

No chat feature to get customer support. Returns by mail take FOREVER. Condescending “contact us” conversation help after days of waiting for a response.

Love target app !!!!

This app is so easy to navigate and convenient for everyday use.

App user

Wish I was able to use the app discounts on online pick up or delivery as of right now it’s only in store use.

You can’t View/ask questions

I love this app but it’s very frustrating that I can’t ask for view questions. Please make this website feature a mobile site fester as well.

Pleeaasee fix!!! Please fix!!

Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! Add back the option to see if an item is available/in stock in-store and /or at other stores. I relied on this feature before to find items I need. It was so helpful having this option so that if it wasn’t available at a certain store I could just open the app and I could see if it was available at any other surrounding stores. It eliminated the hassle of having to drive from store to store and hoping that store had what you needed. Yes, I know I could just buy it online and have it shipped to me.... but sometimes as a busy mom I need something immediately for my family.

Review on online order

Love app love my red card!

You had it all

All the items I needed were in stock at the store closest to me. Type in what you need and it came right up. It took some figuring out how to word things to get where I wanted, but once I did I flew through the ordering process.

Love it but...

I love the app. I’m one of those shoppers that orders everything online and I like to pick it up that same day at a later time. Recently I’ve been having an issue with receiving error notices every time I try to place my items as a pick up. I can only place it as shipping item. Not sure if everyone is having they problem? Can this be fixed soon please? Thanks

Decent app but hard to shop

It’s easy to navigate but i can hardly see the little pictures. Please find a new way to organize the pictures so they’re not so difficult to look at.


I would like to be able to manage my subscription items from the app. If you can do this already I am missing it some where.

Search stores update is awful

Some of the new updates are nice, but they got rid of the ability to search for a product in store by zip code, and only a very small number (4) of close by stores show up on the list, and it’s not always the same stores. It’s really not helpful at all. Please bring back the old search other stores feature


The app has changed in ways that are annoying and frustrating. I’m no longer able to manage my monthly subscription orders the way I used to, which is disappointing.

Ugh. SO slow

I hate that the Cartwheel and Target app have been combined. The app is slow and I don’t even bother trying to open it in the store. I have been going to my safari and pulling up target’s website to find stuff I want but I should just stop shopping at Target-their app should work!!!

Why why why is everything tied together

Cartwheel and target card were separate and now together? Had to have ENTIRE PURCHASE VOIDED. Then rescanned to use. Come on target. You were one of the only stores I would still shop brick and mortar. Regret today’s purchase


I love it !!

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